(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
Act of choosing
1. choice, option, selection, determination, pick, discretion; preference, predilection, fancy, penchant; choosiness, discrimination; volition, desire; adoption, judgment; triage; alternative, lesser of two evils; dilemma, catch-22,no choice, Hobson's choice (See difficulty). Informal, druthers, one's cup of tea. See exclusion, freedom.
a. election, poll, ballot, vote, straw vote; secret ballot; voice, suffrage; plebiscite, referendum; proxy, absentee vote; voice or hand vote, show of hands; write-in [vote]; vox populi; electioneering; voting; [split or straight] ticket; franchise; exit poll. Informal, counting noses.
b. voter, balloter, elector; suffragist; electorate, constituency.
c. appointment, nomination, designation.
3. chosen one, elect, elite, pick of the crop, favorite, favorite son; first choice, pick of the litter; lame duck. Slang, fave.
1. choose, elect, opt, fix upon; determine, make up one's mind (See resolution); exercise one's option, do as one pleases; adopt, take up, embrace, espouse; take sides. Informal, shop around, choose up sides, have one's druthers.
2. [cast a] vote, ballot; poll, canvass; hold up one's hand, stand up and be counted; thumbs up or down; nominate, appoint, designate.
3. select, pick, designate, call, pick and choose, handpick; nominate, put up; pick over; pick or single out, cull, glean, winnow, sift; pick up, pitch upon; pick one's way; indulge one's fancy; set apart, mark out for; prefer, have rather, have as lief; desire; take a decisive step, commit oneself to a course, throw one's hat in the ring, stand for; cross the Rubicon; cast in one's lot with (See cooperation); take for better or for worse.
1. elective, optional, discretionary, voluntary; selective, preferential, discriminating; either; eclectic; chosen; choice (See good); on approval; on the bandwagon; pro-choice, pro-abortion. Informal, choosy.
2. preferable, to be preferred; acceptable, worthy to be chosen.
3. chosen, selected, designated, handpicked; adopted, ratified, carried; elected, nominated, appointed, named.
Adverbs — optionally, at pleasure, at will, at one's discretion; at the option of; whether or not; if anything; once and for all; for one's money; by choice, by preference; rather, before, sooner. Conjunctions — either... or, and/or.
Phrases — one man's meat is another man's poison; no accounting for taste; different strokes for different folks; you pays your money and you takes your chances; when in doubt do nothing; the obvious choice is usually a quick regret; a straw vote only shows which way the hot air blows; vote early and vote often.
Quotations — For many are called, but few are chosen (Bible), We few, we happy few, we band of brothers (Shakespeare), You say potato, I say potahto (George Gershwin), The die is cast (Julius Caesar), Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference (Robert Frost).
Antonyms, See necessity, rejection, will.
(Roget's IV) modif.
Syn. superior, fine, exceptional, select; see best 1 , excellent .
1. [The act or power of choosing]
Syn. option, selection, alternative, free choice, discretion, decision, determination, voice, free will, opportunity, choosing, election, vote, volition, co-optation, preference, expression of an opinion, say so*, druthers*; see also choosing , judgment 2 , selection 1 .
2. [A variety from which to choose]
Syn. selection, realm of possibilities, supply, assortment, array, stock, fund, variety.
3. [That which is chosen]
Syn. selection, preference, alternative, election, substitute, favorite, pick, appointee, chosen one, successful candidate; see also option 1 .
Syn.- choice implies the chance, right, or power to choose, usually by the free exercise of one's judgment [ single by choice] ; option implies a choice of a number of possibilities, and may suggest the privilege of choosing as granted by a person or group in authority [ no other options open to me, local option on liquor sales ] ; alternative , in strict usage, limits a choice to one of two possibilities [ the alternative of paying a fine or serving 30 days ] ; preference suggests the determining of choice by predisposition or partiality [ a preference for striped ties ] ; selection implies a wide choice and the exercise of careful discrimination [selections from the modern French poets ]
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
selection, preference, choosing, election, determination, vote, decision, druthers, volition, option, desire, pick, wish.
best, superior, excellent, select, firstrate, cream-of-the-crop, vintage, prime.
ANT.: poor, fair, ordinary, inferior
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I noun 1. The act of choosing: election, option, preference, selection. See CHOICE. 2. The power or right of choosing: alternative, option. See CHOICE. 3. One that is selected: chosen, elect, pick, select. See CHOICE. 4. The superlative or most preferable part of something: best, cream, creme de la creme, elite, flower, pick, prize1, top. Idioms: cream of the crop, flower of the flock, pick of the bunch (or crop) . See BETTER. II adjective 1. Of fine quality: fine1, first-class, prime, select, superior. See BETTER. 2. Appealing to refined taste: dainty, delicate, elegant, exquisite, fine1. See GOOD, INGESTION. 3. Singled out in preference: chosen, elect, exclusive, select. See CHOICE, INCLUDE.

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